FDA warns that Miracle Mineral Supplement turns to potent bleach

On October 1, 2010, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported that a product marketed as Miracle Mineral Solution, Miracle Mineral Supplement, and MMS, “becomes a potent chemical that’s used as a bleach when mixed according to package directions.”  Although the agency first warned consumers about these products back in July, it now reports that this dangerous miracle mineral solution continues to be available over the internet.

Although the FDA has issued two consumer alerts regarding MMS, it is yet to issue a Warning Letter or take other enforcement action against the manufacturers and/or distributors of these products.  We at Gaitan Morales expect that further agency action is forthcoming from either the FTC, the FDA or both.  If the FDA already possesses sufficient evidence to establish that this product is not safe for consumption as directed, it may take enforcement action to restrict the use of MMS or remove it from the market.  Similarly,  the FDA may issue a Warning Letter against the manufacturers and/or distributors of this product for marketing an unapproved drug.  Another possibility is for the FTC (acting alone or in conjunction with the FDA) to issue an administrative complaint charging the manufacturers and/or distributors of MMS with making false and unsubstantiated claims that this product  will prevent or treat numerous diseases.

It is important to keep in mind that further administrative action against the manufacturers and/or online distributors may include any or all of the above-described courses of action.  To learn more about how the FDA and FTC regulate dietary supplement products contact Ann Marie Gaitan at [email protected].