Florida Health Care Clinic license application submission on behalf of health care providers.

Florida Health Care Clinic license application submission on behalf of health care providers should be handled by experienced health care attorneys. Generally, in Florida, non-health care practitioners are required to obtain a license from Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). A license is required prior to operating a health care clinic seeking reimbursement. For the most part, a health care clinic license is required when health care services are provided to patients which are then billed to insurance companies for reimbursement. Entities desiring to obtain a license to operate a health care clinic, or any other health care license required by the State of Florida, should consult an attorney experienced with the rules and regulations of obtaining a license from AHCA. Our firm is equipped to assist with the various provider type licenses available, including but not limited to home health agencies (HHA), skilled nursing facilities, prescribed pediatric extended care centers (PPEC) etc. For more information on regulations and license requirements please visit AHCA’s website pertaining to regulated health care providers. In addition, our form is experienced in challenging unfavorable determinations including notices to deny initial applications and cease and desist notices for operating an unlicensed facility/entity.

Our firm offers a free consultation for interested parties desiring to file an initial application as a health care clinic provider or other health care entity license as may be required from AHCA. Our firm can also advise and assist a company seeking an exemption from health care clinic license. As stated above, our firm can provide assistance with submission of a Florida Health Care Clinic license application on behalf of our various health care providers or other licensure submissions. We are constantly helping our clients obtain their clinic, HHA or PPEC licenses, as well as assistance with Medicare and Medicaid credentialing.

Mr. Ralph Gaitan, Esq. has been assisting clients with Florida licensure requirements since 2006 and has assisted various different types of health care providers with AHCA licenses, Medicaid and Medicare enrollment and credentialing, and change of ownership applications. To schedule an initial consultation, please fee free to email Mr. Gaitan to [email protected] or feel free to call him at (786) 440-8115. We look forward to assisting you and your company’s needs with any related health care compliance matters, challenges and appeals to license denials, unfavorable audit results and related overpayments appeals (redetermination, reconsiderations, administrative law judge hearings) and challenges or rebuttals to preliminary audit results or final audit reports (FARs).

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