Every entrepreneur getting ready to launch a new business asks themselves “do I need to hire attorney?” Many will follow that thought and call a few attorneys fishing for whatever free advice attorneys are willing to offer.  And, after speaking to several attorneys some will get scared and abandon their new business idea, others will push forward without an attorney, and those that call Gaitan Law are likely to make the more prudent decision of hiring an attorney, knowing that our business start up packages are affordable and can prevent unnecessary legal issues for your new business.

Rafael A. Gaitan (“Ralph”) has been making dreams a reality for start-up businesses for over 10 years.  He understands that having a solid legal foundation is crucial to starting a new business.  From determining the choice of entity, to compensation agreements, to commercial leasing and the likes, Ralph ensures that his clients make legal sound and financially fit decisions.

When starting a business, legal fees can seem like an unnecessary expense.  As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how tight the budget can be at the beginning.  This is why our startup business legal services are structured in affordable packages scaled to the needs of each individual business client.  Starting a new business with Ralph by your side brings you peace of mind, protects you from costly mistakes, gives you insight from an industry veteran, but, most importantly protects your assets and adds value to your business.

Our business start up attorneys offer the following services to new businesses:

Advising on entity type — Providing guidance on legal, business and tax implications associated with each different business entity type  (C-Corps, S-Corps, Limited Liability Company (LLC), and more)

Filing with the Secretary of State — Exploring which jurisdiction is best for your company and advising on filing process.  When Florida is the best State for incorporating a new business, Gaitan Law can file with the Secretary of State and serve as the company’s Registered Agent.

Drafting formation documents — Each type of business entity has different sets of formation documents that are standard to that business type.  For an LLC, we advise having an operating agreement and a buy-sell agreement in place, at a minimum; while, a corporation will need to have corporate bylaws, consents and waivers, and stock purchase agreements, among others.

Ancillary documents — When starting a new business, entrepreneurs are usually meeting many new people and sharing with them detailed information about their new business, such as when trying to impress a possible investor, or interviewing a potential manager, or seeking a manufacturer for your new product.  In these cases, it is important to have legal protections in place in such as Letters of intent (LOI), Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA), employment contracts, vendor agreements, and commercial lease contracts, to name a few.

If you want to make sure your new business gets off to the right start, call Ralph Gaitan today to set up a custom business start-up legal services package. 786.440.8115


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