Large corporations have in-house legal department to address day-to-day legal needs.  However, most small and midsize companies simply do not have the budget or volume of work to justify hiring a full-time General Counsel.  Gaitan Law Group provides outsourced General Counsel attorney services to companies and licensed professionals that need experienced legal counselor as a part of their business team, without the need to pay a full time salary and overhead.

As outsourced general counsel, we establish an ongoing, regular relationship with our clients, helping them grow their health care or FDA business in a legally compliant manner.  While under a traditional attorney-client arrangement clients usually contact us to resolve a specific legal problem, as general counsel we are fully-integrated into our clients business operations and decision-making, allowing us the opportunity to address legal questions as they arise and prevent them from escalating into problems.

At Gaitan Law Group, we offer part-time general counsel services on a flat-fee or hourly basis, depending on the client’s needs.  Our general counsel services re designed to provide health care and FDA  businesses with maximum flexibility and access to an attorney that really understands their business.  Whether it is one day on-site per month or a few days per week, we structure general counsel agreements to meet the needs of any physician, clinic, supplier, ALF, SNF, IDTF, HHA, manufacturer, importer,  or other health care or FDA business, without the added worry of rapidly increasing billable hours.

To speak with one of our experienced attorneys, e-mail Gaitan Law Group at [email protected] or call us at 786.440.8115. We offer flexible fee arrangements.

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