Clients of Gaitan Law Group have a personal relationship with their attorney.  Thus, our fees and billing structures are tailored to the specific needs of each client, and are not dictated by some arbitrary committee like at “big law” firms.

To this end, we regularly work under a variety of billing arrangements, including:

  • fixed fees for many of our regulatory, startup and transactional services;
  • hourly arrangements;
  • monthly retainers, usually reserved for outside general counsel agreements;
  • dual fee arrangements including fixed/hourly, retainer/contingency, etc.;
  • transactional arrangements providing reduced fees for business transactions that fall through.

At Gaitan Law we know that businesses and regulated professionals need to be proactive about their legal needs.  Our flexible billing arrangements are intended to encourage the attorney-client relationship, making legal services more accessible to clients we serve such as health care providers and FDA-regulated businesses.

Call today to discuss your legal needs and flexible billing with Ralph or Ann Marie, 786.440.8115.