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22 Dec

Revised HIPAA: Who is a “Business Associate”? What Each Business Associate Must Know?

For the purposes of HIPAA, any person or business providing particular services to a covered entity involving “protected health information” (PHI) is known as a “business associate”; in fact anyone who would have occasion to encounter PHI in the course of their work for a HIPAA-covered entity—is a “business associate” and is not only under the same duty as the covered entity to comport itself by the dictates of HIPAA, but must also have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). At Gaitan Morales, we regularly counsel health care entities and their subcontractors on such regulatory issues as HIPAA, the HITECH rule, the Red Flag rules and numerous other laws and regulations that govern the health care industry. To protect your medical practice or associated health care business from a regulatory mishap, call Rafael A. Gaitan, Esq. today at 305.329.1462, to schedule a free initial consultation and learn more about how the law firm of Gaitan Morales can help you.

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