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07 Feb

Florida Behavior Analysis Services – Overpayments

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency), Medicaid Program Integrity (MPI) has and is undergoing review of several Behavior Analysis Services providers regarding their Medicaid reimbursement claims for services rendered. MPI is reviewing said claims in order to insure compliance with the program’s Florida Medicaid Behavior Analysis Services Coverage Policy dated October 2017, including

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17 Sep

AHCA Increases Efforts to Collect Medicaid Overpayments

On September 16, 2014, Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) issued a notice to Medicaid providers informing that “in the upcoming weeks the Agency will increase its efforts to ensure that providers are repaying overpayments”, while also reminding Medicaid providers of “their obligation to promptly refund moneys due to [AHCA], including any moneys received

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17 Apr

HHS reaches $100,000 settlement with Phoenix Cardiac Surgery for Lack of HIPAA Safeguards

Phoenix Cardiac Surgery, P.C., of Phoenix and Prescott, Arizona, has agreed to pay the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) a $100,000 settlement and take corrective action to implement policies and procedures to safeguard the protected health information of its patients. The settlement with the physician practice follows an extensive investigation by the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) for potential violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules. For assistance developing a HIPAA compliance program or responding to a HIPAA breach, contact Rafael A. Gaitan, Esq. Mr. Gaitan has over 15 years experience in the health care industry and regularly counsels physician practices on regulatory matters including HIPAA and the HITECH rules.

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25 Oct

RAC expands to State Medicaid Program

Through an Oct. 1 letter to State Medicaid Directors, Peter Budetti, Deputy Administrator for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), provided initial guidance on the implementation of the  Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) programs by State Medicaid agencies. Section 6411 of the Affordable Care Act, calls for the expansion of the RAC Program by

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